Introducing RedisDesk

RedisDesk is a native Redis client that offers an intuitive user experience tailored for macOS users. It features meticulously designed details to facilitate data interaction, including a CLI with auto-completion and real-time status monitoring.

RedisDesk provides a sleek, user-friendly interface for efficient Redis (or compatible server like Dragonfly/Garnet) data management. Developed by an expert in Redis, this tool simplifies your interactions with Redis databases, boosting productivity and enhancing data handling.

Free Features:

  • Explorer: Key browser for all data types with full CRUD operations.
  • Advanced Data Inspector: Features for data inspection include JSON/YAML highlighting, binary data management (Gzip, Base64, MessagePack), and a draft/command preview.
  • Tree Navigation: Simplifies data navigation using a tree-like structure and SCAN pagination.
  • Query: Enhanced querying with key auto-completion and automatic documentation queries.
  • Docs: Quick-access view for Redis documentation.
Additional Features:
  • Dark Mode: Adjusts for better visibility in various environments.
  • Read-only Mode: Protects production data from unintended modifications.
  • Server Info: Enables easy access to server information and documentation.

Premium Features:

  • Starred: Quick access to frequently used keys.
  • Watched: Real-time monitoring of key values with graphical displays.
  • PubSub: Chat-like debugging tool for PubSub, supporting binary data.
  • Monitor: Comprehensive monitoring of server activity and client connections.
  • Advanced Connection Options: Includes SSH tunneling, SSL, and server-side authentication for secure connectivity. RedisDesk emphasizes a straightforward and effective user experience for Redis database management.

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